A List of the Most Amazing Basketball Records

Developments in nutrition and training methods have led to a new generation of athletes that are stronger and faster than ever. However, there are records in every sport that are considered unbreakable. For basketball fans these are based around a handful of legendary players and teams.

Many fans know that Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks in 1962, but few are aware that he also averaged 50.4 points per game during that season. Both are marks Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes a Successful Basketball Coach?

Basketball, and sports in general, is one of the most important recreational activities in American culture. You may have seen the intensity great coaches like Mike Krzyzewski display on the televised Duke games, available through www.directtelevisionpackages.com. In order to be a successful basketball coach, several things are required.

The first thing is: a good coach must cherish is teamwork. To work together as a team, honest and constant communication is crucial for success. Team players should not be overtly criticized for perceived weaknesses, but instead praised for their strengths and given guidance on areas that could use improvement. It is also important that coaches treat each and every player equally, and do not dish out preferential treatment to players that only possess certain skills. Treating every player of the team the same promotes fairness and respect, while eliminating insecurities and jealousies.

Secondly, coaches often serve as role models to the team members. Therefore, if a coach shows sportsmanship in a game, the players are likely to have a more positive attitude as well. After all, the goal should be for the players to have fun while learning new skills. These skills do not just include dribbling or learning various plays, but social skills as well. Thus, it is very important that the coach encourages a positive atmosphere for his team.

The third tip for becoming a successful basketball coach is persistence. Do not ever give up on the team or even yourself. Take the time to work with individual team members in areas they might be struggling with, and continue to promote unity. Dealing with adversity in a basketball game is not completely unlike dealing with adversity in life, and persistence remains the key to success. How people react when losing a game can be indicative of how they will act when facing a life obstacle. Learning how to effectively cope with adversity will give team players an advantage later in life.

How Many People Play Basketball in the World?

Basketball is a popular sport in the United States. Almost every school in the nation has a basketball team, and the professional basketball teams all have a large following. Basketball is very popular in many other nations, and it is growing in popularity around the world. According to the International Basketball Federation, over 450 million people play basketball on a regular basis.

Several teams from around the world joined together in 1932 to form the first international league. In these countries, basketball remains popular, and their national teams Read the rest of this entry »

How Tall is the Average Basketball Player?

Finding out the average height of a basketball player is definitely a relative question, but we can still look at some numbers to help us out.

Basketball is one of those sports where height plays a significant value, as evidenced by the 6’7 average height that is currently in the National Basketball Association.

This is substantially higher than any other professional sport, and there can be a few explanations as to why the game is played by really tall people.

On a professional Read the rest of this entry »

Is Basketball the Most Popular Sport in America?

In most countries in the world, there isn’t even a debate on what sport rules their country. If you have ever been to Brazil or Argentina during a World Cup game you would see why – literally the whole country stops to watch their respective country.

In the United States, it is not say that there is a lack of love for sport in general, it’s just that there is a bit more balance to the equation. There is a good balance between Read the rest of this entry »

What Does it Take to be a Basketball Player?

Becoming a basketball player requires several components. Being tall is not a requirement, although it does help.

The biggest component, although it may come off cliche, is to love the game. Players who genuinely love the game will put in the work to become the best at the game, maintaining the highest integrity in their approach to practicing and developing their skills of basketball.

Good hand-eye coordination is ideal because of the fast paced environment of the game. In the game of basketball, shots are being fired up, rebounding occurs on almost every possession, passes are being swung Read the rest of this entry »

How to Become a Better Basketball Fan

You know all of the latest statistics of your favorite players and you own all of the trading cards, so what can you do to become an even better basketball fan? Being a fan is one of the most important jobs that many of us hold since we lift our team’s spirits up during the down times and keep them going strong when they are on a winning streak. To become a better basketball fan, here Read the rest of this entry »

Ways that You can Become a Better Basketball Player

Becoming a better basketball player is applicable to anyone who has ever played the game – just ask Michael Jordan. Jordan, who by many is considered the greatest of all time, was notorious for putting up thousands of jump shots in a dark gym with nobody in the area.

First, to become a better all-around player, one needs to work on the simple mechanics of basketball. Dribbling the basketball is a place to start. Practice dribbling with your head up, so you become accustomed to being aware of your surroundings on the court.

Shooting is the core piece of your Read the rest of this entry »